My morning ritual, like many of you involves at least one large cup of coffee before I’m ready to take on the day. While in the past I’ve always had a standard 12 cup coffee maker on my counter I’ve been eyeing French presses and other smaller scale coffee makers as of late as a way to clean up my kitchen counters. A bit ago I heard about the AeroPress which promises to give the strong flavor offered by a French press without any coffee grinds in the cup so I decided to test out using the AeroPress for the past week for my morning caffeine fix.
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DIY Watermelon Keg

On the long hot days of summer I could happily spend all my time outdoors in the sun. So for my latest summer celebration I decided to wow everyone with this super fun watermelon keg that served refreshing watermelon mojitos. Making your own watermelon keg is super easy, and with this fresh mint, lime and watermelon cocktail that can go in your homemade keg you will be ready for a chill patio party.

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diy-umbrellasCelebrate the start of summer with these 2 easy DIY drink umbrellas that you can make to add some flair to your next cocktail. Using either the printable watermelon template or a decorative piece of paper you can make your own paper umbrella that is perfect for whatever summer mixed drink you love to sip on the patio.
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Oversized art is a spectacularly easy way to make a bold statement and personalize a room just by hanging one large piece of artwork. Going big and bold in your art choices is a great way to add variety to your standard gallery wall and medium sized prints. Often one large piece of art is enough for a room, but larger spaces might be able to fit a grouping of several large prints for a dramatic statement.  View Full Post

Take The Plunge: Small Pool Ideas

small swimming pool ideas

The luxury of having your own pool to plunge into on a hot day does not need to be limited to those are fortunate to have a massive yard.  Opting for a long a narrow lap pool, or a small square plunge pool that is sized to scale your yard is always an option for most yards, and as an added bonus smaller pools would be more economical to operate. The pool above is prime example of making the most of a narrow yard, as it is filled with a long lap pool with a floating pathway above the pool that also would make the perfect place to sit down and soak your feet after a long day at work. If you are looking for inspiration make sure to take a look at this inspiration gallery of small pool ideas.

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