DIY Macaron Box

Ever since I went to Paris I’ve been hooked on macarons, the soft meringue-based dessert that speciality shops like Laurdee make.  Ever since that trip I love to make my own macaron to share with others as I find the not overly sweet treat the perfect two-bite treat.  Thus, I decided to design a macaron box that could be easily assembled and would cost way less than store bought version. Want to create your own mini treat box? Well you are in luck, I’m sharing the template below.

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Rustoleum Deck RestoreOver the past few weeks I’ve been working on refinishing this deck with Rustoleum Restore 4x and 10x with the hopes of bring it back to life so that it will be somewhere people would want to gather for BBQ parties, or just lounging in a patio chair while soaking in the sun.  Curious to see how it turns out? Read about the process of getting this deck from a cracked, peeling mess to one that looks brand new.

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DIY Pet Treat Jar

Virgil, my senior cat is passionate about food,  a foodie just like me. Well, not exactly, this guy simply likes food period. Regardless,  I decided to DIY a pet treat jar for my beloved blue and green eyed feline so to have a more stylish way to store his snacks.

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Easy Gallery Wall Frames

I’ve always had a huge sense of wanderlust, which has led to me to travel as often as possible. As such I decided to start highlighting a few more of my travel photographs around the home by putting together this clean-lined and symmetrical gallery wall yesterday using these photo mats from Indie Mats that double as frames with chic black and white stripes.

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Codlo Sous-Vide Review

affordable sous-vide
Ever since I was first introduced to sous-vide cooking on Top Chef several years ago it has been on my bucket list of cooking skills to master. Sous-vide is a cooking style where you cook your food in vacuumed plastic bags placed in temperature controlled water bath where the item is cooked at a much lower temperature than traditional cooking for a longer period of time. The main reason I hadn’t gotten around to picking up a sous-vide machine for my own kitchen was primarily a matter of price as they would typically be priced at over $500.00. Another major problem is with all my kitchen gadgets tucked away in my cupboards I simply lacked space in my kitchen for another bulky appliance. So when I spotted the Codlo for 50% less than the lowest price I’ve seen comparable machines, and it happened to be bright red and tiny I knew this was the sous-vide machine for me. Curious to know what I think of the Codlo sous-vide machine, read my review.
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